Tag: Amanax


  • Yorra Amanax

    King Yorra Amanax is the political leader of Murrendar. He lives in the city of Amanax and rules from the palace at its center. Yorra is worshiped by the common man and technically holds absolute power over the entire country.

  • Sarah Amanax

    Timid and plain daughter to [[:mercator-carrish | Mercator Carrish]] and wife of the [[:yorra-amanax | King's]] nephew [[:reftal-amanax | Reftal]].

  • Reftal Amanax

    Met only briefly by the party, Reftal appeared slightly short-fused and socially unimpressive. He is married to [[:sarah-carrish | Sarah Carrish]], who is the daughter of wealthy merchant [[:mercator-carrish | Mercator Carrish]].