Mercator Carrish

Wealthy Merchant and Cousin to the King (by law)


Taylor met Mercator when he approached her to fill a last minute entertainment cancellation for his daughter’s wedding. Mercator bought her a lavish dress and a mastercrafted lute in addition to compensating her for the performance. He immediately distrusted and disliked Anders. Mercator later approached Taylor to be his personal companion, and though she tried to deny politely, Mercator took it as a personal insult and went about making her life miserable by banning her from a variety of friendly establishments in Cleo.

After finding evidence that Mercator is selling military secrets to the Salterani, the party is attempting to blackmail Mercator out of 1,000,000 tokens. In retribution, Mercator hired requisition officers to kill the party, but the party narrowly survived with their lives.


Mercator is an extremely wealthy and powerful merchant. He runs the largest business in Northern Murrendar and maybe the entire country. His portfolio is rich and diverse and his allies are many. He wields his influence to improve his social standing and he’s both intelligent and devious. Mercator can move from courteous gentleman to cut-throat murderer in moments.

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Mercator Carrish

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